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Astronomers discover ‘sunscreen’ snow on distant exoplanet – Technology & Science

More than 1,700 light-years from Earth lies a sizzling hot planet orbiting another star. While temperatures can soar to 2,700 C, the planet also produces some unique precipitation in the…

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Facebook to test ad transparency features in Canada as scrutiny mounts – National

In an effort to improve the transparency of advertisements that appear on its platform, Facebook will use Canada as a testing ground for several new features. The social media mammoth…

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Pope’s call to space station highlights ties between church and science – Blog | Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald

Pope Francis made a video call to six astronauts aboard the International Space Station on Thursday. It’s the second time a pontiff has communicated with the ISS. This connection between…

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Facebook, Google, Twitter execs to testify about Russian misinformation campaigns – National

Senior legal representatives of three of America’s biggest tech firms will testify about Russian-led online disinformation campaigns at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 31. The hearing will…

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Fossil dinosaur tracks left by huge ancient predator in Africa – Technology & Science

 A trail of fossilized three-toed footprints that measure nearly 57 centimetres (two feet) long shows that a huge meat-eating dinosaur stalked southern Africa 200 million years ago at a time when most carnivorous dinosaurs were…

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Reddit shuts down Nazi boards as part of updated policy to remove all violent content – National

Reddit recently shut down several subreddits following a policy update banning content that “encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of…

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Scientists test probiotics for bats against deadly white-nose syndrome – Technology & Science

Canadian scientists are racing to test a remedy that they hope will save bats from a deadly fungus that has already killed millions of the winged mammals across the continent….

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Facebook to test news subscription service in partnership with news publishers – National

Facebook said on Thursday it has signed up 10 news publishers including the Washington Post and The Economist to take part in a trial that gives its mobile app users…

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Scientists pleased by ‘good news’ about Alert Arctic climate measurements – Technology & Science

Scientists say they’re pleased that the federal government has committed to recruiting staff to send up to the Alert Weather Station and restore climate measurements to normal levels by January….

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Montreal mom wants Apple, Amazon to share geolocation data to help find missing son in Peru

A Montreal woman is appealing to Apple, Amazon and T-Mobile to release data obtained from her 22-year-old son’s iPhone and e-reader to assist with locating him, after he went missing in…

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