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Meat 2.0? Green meat? War of words over what to call lab-grown meat

If meat is grown in a lab without slaughtering animals, what should it be called? That question has yet to be decided by regulators, but for the moment it’s pitting…

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iPhone users will soon be able to share their location data with first responders – National

As part of Apple’s iOS 12 update, iPhone users in the United States who call 911 with their mobile devices will be able to automatically share their location data with…

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WHO declares compulsive video gaming a mental disorder

The World Health Organization says compulsively playing video games now qualifies as a new mental health condition, in a move that some critics warn may risk stigmatizing young players. In…

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Calgary has best airport Wi-Fi in Canada, Montreal the worst: report

The Calgary International Airport boasts the fastest free Wi-Fi among major Canadian airports, and the third fastest among the 24 biggest North American airports, according to a report by internet…

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This is what a recycling crisis in Quebec looks like

Mounds of colourful plastic, paper and glass tower six metres high and cover most surfaces at Sherbrooke’s recycling plant. Several stray cats climb to the top of the pile, playing in cardboard…

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Remember how Bitcoin’s value soared in 2017? Most of it was market manipulation: study – National

The Bitcoin craze that took the stock markets by storm last year may have been no more than market manipulation, according to a study released on Wednesday by the University…

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Peggy Whitson, NASA’s record-breaking astronaut, announces retirement

NASA’s record-breaking astronaut, Peggy Whitson, retired Friday less than a year after returning from her last and longest spaceflight. She’s spent more time off the planet than any other American:…

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Apple to close iPhone security gap police use to collect criminal evidence – National

Apple is closing a security gap that allowed outsiders to pry personal information from locked iPhones without a password, a change that will thwart law enforcement agencies that have been…

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Apple closing tech loophole police use to crack iPhones

Apple Inc. said Wednesday it will change its iPhone settings to undercut the most popular means for law enforcement to break into the devices.  The company told Reuters it was aiming to protect all customers,…

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Study finds hundreds of stalker apps, few ways of finding them on your phone – National

Hundreds of overt and covert spyware apps are available to abusive partners who want to turn a victim’s Iphone or Android into a surveillance tool, a recent U.S. study found….

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