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What Is Matt LeBlanc’s Net Worth?

Hollywood legend has it that Matt LeBlanc only had $11 in his bank account when he auditioned for the role of Joey Tribbiani. The actor’s come a long, long way…

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Kristen Bell Smokes Weed in Front of Dax Shepard and He’s Totally Cool With It

Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, are proving that communication really is key. Bell recently explained that she and Shepard have “weed rules” and that she partakes in a little…

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How to Tell if Someone’s Cheating on You

DEAR DR. JENN, My boyfriend has been acting strange lately. Something just seems really off. We are talking less, having less sex, and there’s just something different about him. I…

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Shows to Stream If You Love Gossip Girl

Wednesday marks the 11-year anniversary of Gossip Girl airing on the CW. Yes, that means it’s been more than a decade since we first swooned over Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald,…

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8 Best Moments from the 2018 Emmys

If you totally forgot that the 2018 Emmys already happened, don’t sweat it. The Emmy Awards are usually on Sunday evenings, but this year, the powers that be decided Monday…

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Miss Prince Charles’s 70th Birthday Party

Meghan Markle and Prince Charles seem to be the best of friends in Kensington Palace, but that doesn’t mean she’s pulling out all the stops for his 70th birthday. In…

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Why Sarah Hyland Likes Working Out Naked

Sarah Hyland has a unique trick for staying motivated during her workout. The Modern Family star, 27, said she prefers to hit the gym in her birthday suit — and…

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How to Have More Orgasms

So you’re in the middle of a crazy pleasurable bedroom session, and your partner is doing that amazing mouth move that’s bringing you closer to orgasm. But just when you…

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The Baldwin Family Tree |

The Baldwin brothers comprise one of Hollywood’s best-established show biz families. Like many famous fams (the Barrymores, the Sheens, the Douglases, etc.), their prominence spans generations. Alec, Stephen, William (Billy),…

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Carrie Underwood Releases New Album, Cry Pretty

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Carrie Underwood. She’s one of my favorite singers, and one of the few artists that routinely appeals to my country music sensibilities. During her season…

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